Daily Discovery: Sabrina Monique Turns Hardships Into Joy on New Single, “Love Again”

“I like to turn what has hurt me into something fun that I can dance to,” Sabrina Monique tells American Songwriter.

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Born and raised in White Plains, New York (around an hour outside of the Big Apple), Monique has been channeling the unfortunate experiences of life into redemptive creative works since she was a child. “Growing up, I always expressed myself through music, dance, poetry,” she said. “Then one day you realize you have this giant archive with all these works and texts. I had a lot to say… so I sat down and began to write and put it all together. Writing and performing are cathartic ways to tell your story from your perspective, unapologetically.”

This ethos comes across loud and clear on her new uplifting single, “Love Again,” which considers the heartbreak of an incompatible relationship with the underlying groove of an infectious pop beat.

“I spent a lot of my adolescent and early adult life caring for someone who never actually cared about me—there gets to be a point where you decide your worth and stop trying to force someone else to see it,” Monique explains. “’Love Again’ is about the relationship between two people who should not be together but always come back to one another. It’s about the push and pull of true lovers who don’t know how to love each other. The constant highs followed by tumultuous lows, trapped on a merry-go-round of emotions makes them question ever wanting to love again.”

To that end, Monique exhibits how her method of music-making is an excellent source of understanding her experience… and the revelations she makes can become universal. 

“My message in this song would be to never settle—walk away from what is no longer serving you in both life and love,” she said. “I truly believe that whatever is meant for you will not pass you by, so make room for all the good you have to remove the negative.”

Sabrina Monique’s new single “Love Again” is out now—watch its music video below:

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