Gear Review: Peavey’s New VYPYR X Amps

The tone produced by tube amps is prized by electric guitarists. Sometimes described as ‘warmth’, the sound works with the player's choice of chord voicings and melodic lines to convey emotion.

Let’s just say that a player's tone is a huge part of the experience for both player and listener. Tube amps, however, can be finicky and don’t lend themselves to practical playing situations. That’s why forward-looking companies like Peavey Electronics offered players more flexibility with modeling amps like the VYPYR guitar amplifier.

Now, Peavey has updated the VYPER with its new X series. The amps can not only model popular tube amps but include some promising technology, including Peavey’s improvements on its own TransTube analog/digital hybrid technology. Fully loaded with amps and effects, the VYPYR X Series proves why it’s the ultimate modeling machine, providing a range of solutions with substantial value.

The idea behind the original VYPYR amp was to help fix common problems seen in the modeling amps that arrived in the early 2000s. Now, Peavey designers are attacking a more complex set of problems, not least of which is that many modeling amps simply can’t be heard in a live setting because of their poor digital distortions and practice amp EQ. Peavey’s solution: its exclusive TransTube technology, improved in the new VYPYR X Series, can provide better analog distortion as happens with real tubes. This technology not only promises to sound better but leaves the amplifier’s processing power dedicated to the effects. This engineering move allows VYPYR X amps to run up to five effects simultaneously and improves their sound in a live mix.

The new VYPYR cabinet is designed for optimal low-end response with a semi-open back design providing enhanced volume and tone. That design and the additional processing power open up possibilities for a wide range of uses for this amp, including acoustic instruments and even bass. The VYPYR X2 and X3 models take utility a step further with up to 10 different instrument modes and 26 total onboard amp-accessible effects. The X2 and X3 models can also be controlled remotely with onboard Bluetooth wireless remote control via Peavey’s exclusive VYPYR control app available for download to iOS devices. Using this connectivity, players can change and store all their presets remotely, stream audio in, or use it to play break music or backing tracks. 

It’s important to note that the VYPYR X Series allows users to access any features right from the front of the amplifier or with the use of a footswitch in the case of the looper. Connectivity to other software is not required. The user can easily edit a preset or swap out an effect right from the amp itself. To make it easy, Peavey designed an interface for the VYPYR X that allows users to identify the position of the knobs by simply looking at the amplifier. Plus, the LED light around the knob indicates which position it’s in relative to the current preset, a helpful feature that helps avoid mistakes when the knob position no longer corresponds to the actual setting.

All VYPYR X Series amplifiers have 12 stompbox effects with dual parameter control and an onboard looper accessed through the optional Sanpera footswitch. Each VYPYR X amp comes equipped with 36 onboard amp modes, including 6 acoustic and 6 bass amp models; universal delay and reverb; a custom-voiced heavy-duty speaker; a 3.5 mm aux-in for connecting audio sources; and a headphone jack. The top-of-the-line VYPYR X3 delivers 100 Watts RMS, over 400 amp-accessible presets, and a LED screen for ease of setup and preset identification.

Altogether, the Peavey VYPYR X Series delivers up to 26 effects in addition to 10 instrument models and 36 amp models, all in a lightweight, highly portable setup that offers great tube emulation options. You can learn more about the VYPYR X Series HERE.

Vypyr X1 $199.99 USD

Vypyr X2 $299.99 USD

Vypyr X3 $399.99 USD

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