Daniel Martin Moore Considers Consciousness On “Turned Over To Dreams”

Photo by Michael Wilson

Lullabies typically aren’t thought of with the same level of seriousness reserved for more traditional songs. On his forthcoming album Turned Over To Dreams, though, Kentucky songwriter Daniel Martin Moore is setting out to prove that lullabies can be just as affecting and listenable as their daytime counterparts.

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The album’s title track takes the best elements of a lullaby — a soothing melody, a comforting message — and seamlessly blends them with the careful songwriting and subtly complex musicianship for which Moore has come to be known.

“I think about this a lot,” Moore explains. “We don’t know what dreams are, or why sleep happens as it does. But we know they are important, and I love that every culture on the globe has lullabies, that wishing others — and helping them — to have soothing rest and good dreams is a human constant. We don’t wonder what wakefulness is while we’re sleeping; the analyzing part of us takes a break. Sleep and dreams are fascinating because they both make it clear that we don’t understand all that much about the nature of our consciousness. We’re very much along for the ride, doing our best, moving as carefully as we’re able at any given time.”

Turned Over To Dreams is out July 7. Listen to “Turned Over To Dreams” below.

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