Dawes Drops New Single, Announces Eighth Album

The beloved folk-rock band Dawes has graced us with another music release. On May 6, the band announced their forthcoming eighth album and simultaneously dropped the first single from the record titled “Someone Else’s Cafe / Doomscroller Tries To Relax.”

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“The first half of this song could be about tyrants,” Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith said in a statement. “But it could also be about anyone who thinks that a little more control is gonna make everything ok. The second half is a response to that developing reality of the first half. The world might be a scary place sometimes but, to some degree, I want to believe I can decide how I respond to it.

“Every time a take was completed felt like a major accomplishment. It being 10 minutes really raised the stakes. Didn’t wanna be the guy to mess up in minute 7 or 8 with everyone playing flawlessly up to that point. This whole album, and this song especially, felt a little beyond our comfort zone and I’m really proud of what that’s done to the music. I like to think that you can hear the eye contact, that you can hear us thinking on our feet. It’s already become a top 5er to play live. Happy to finally have it out in the world.”

Photo Credit: Ward & Kweskin

Just the first of the band’s new music, Dawes also explained their excitement surrounding the upcoming album which is titled MISADVENTURES OF DOOMSCROLLER. The album is set for release on July 22 before their concert heavy schedule in August.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on being minimalists. With this record we set out on being MAXIMALISTS,” Goldsmith said. “Still a quartet. Still not letting these songs hide behind any tricks or effects. But really letting the songs breathe and stretch and live however they want to. We decided to stop having any regard for short attention spans. Our ambitions go beyond the musical with this one.

“We also wanted to honor the traditional length of a vinyl record – 40-45 minutes – but disregard any concern for numbers of tracks. The way Miles or Herbie often did. Documenting the songs is only half of the picture. For this record, they’re also the platform for us to jump off from and get lost in. I think the best way I can say it is – we wanted this record to be less a collection of songs and more a collection of music.”

Bassist Wylie Gelber added, “We wanted a musical drama, an ensemble cast with linked arms kicking highly; a transcription of a band meeting we haven’t even had yet. Eight legs and eight arms, in a room, stretching deeper than we ever knew we could…The Intros have Outros. The Outros have Bridges.”


Listen to “Someone Else’s Cafe / Doomscroller Tries To Relax” below.

Photo Credit: Ward & Kweskin / Big Hassle

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