Did Kelly Clarkson Rip Off Arcade Fire?

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Is Kelly Clarkson a huge Arcade Fire fan?

A new Clarkson track, “Naked Eye” has just leaked, and it appears that she or her producers had their “eye” on Arcade Fire’s 2004 Funeral track “Rebellion (Lies),” a song that has had no shortage of accolades, making NME Magazine’s list of “50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever.”

The melodies are awful similar, and the tempo, too. The lyrics? Well, AF’s “sleeping is giving in” versus KC’s “Seeing is Believing”—I’ll defer to the people at Pedestrian who probably said it best—she’s turned “one of the most cathartic riffs of the 2000’s into a faux-empowering middle of the road dance number.”

What do you think?

Update: Sony has since taken down the YouTube video that got everyone all excited, but you can still find the track, if you look hard enough.


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  1. I don’t know about the Kelly Clarkson song. I am still trying to figure out how Lonestar was able to copy Bryan Adam’s music and lyrics, ever so slightly changing exact words, in their hit, “Amazed By You.”??? Bryan Adams came out with a song a couple years prior to that, for which Lonestar’s is a copy.

  2. First off it’s not a new single, it’s a demo song that got stolen from someone hacking her computer. There is no saying what this song will become when finished. Probably won’t even be on the cd, and if it is, I bet it’ll sound completely different. Let’s not judge till we hear the finished product. I wouldn’t like anyone tasting my cake and judging it before I baked it either. Just sayin’

  3. I love Kelly, this is no rip off at all. Out of all the millions of songs in the world, so many end up sounding very similar.
    And you know what? Arcade Fire ripped off U2’s sound which is quite obvious. That little two note intro in Arcade Fire’s song can also be found in thousands of other songs.
    So be careful about making this sort of accusation because Arcade Fire is anything but original.

  4. Oh Philip, lets not start here as well. You know we’ve had this argument on other places on the net, and all you’ve done is run away whenever you are proven wrong.

    So stop copying and pasting that same silly little comment every, and have a good listen to the two tracks, with unbiased ears.

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