Dolly Parton Confirms and Debunks Some of the Wildest Myths About Herself

If you think you’ve got Dolly Parton pegged, think again.

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In a recent sit-down interview with ET Canada to discuss her impending rock album, the most well-known, yet still enigmatic, country icon played a round of “Dolly Do or Dolly Don’t,” confirming or debunking some of the wildest myths about herself.

To begin, interviewer Morgan Hoffman asked if she really slept in full hair and makeup most nights while on the road.

Unapologetic about her often flashy, but ever flawless, head-to-toe appearance, the “Jolene” star responded, “I always wear my makeup, and I always, if I don’t have my own hair fixed, I have a wig on a lampshade or something because you never know when you’re going to have to exit a building.”

When asked whether she has an “entire room dedicated to wigs and hairpieces,” Dolly said, “Well, I have a closet that has shelves for hair.

“For clothes, hair, and makeup, it’s really just a room for that type of stuff,” she shared. “I carry wig trunks on the road, I have trunks made that carry like three to five wigs that you have if you’re doing shows. It’s just so handy.”

Urged to name one of the wildest rumors she’s heard about herself, Dolly responded, “Oh, heavens, I’ve heard everything.” She named one article, in particular, which suggested a top-heavy rumor that her large breasts had “crippled” her.

“There was one-time Enquirer magazine [said] that my boobs were so heavy that they had broken my back down and that I couldn’t get up, that I was going to be crippled for the rest of my life,” she explained of the rumor, adding, “And I thought, well, they are big and they are heavy, but I can still get around … I’m doing all right.”

Watch the interview, below.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

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