Ed Sheeran Seemingly Announces New Album, ‘Autumn Variations’

Ed Sheeran has seemingly teased new music via an oh-so-’90s infomercial. Hidden within Sheeran’s cleverly coded joke is a reference to a project called Autumn Variations.

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In the infomercial posted to social media, Sheeran promises viewers he can bring the grey autumn weather to your most sun-soaked friends with a product he calls “The Damper Hamper.” The hamper is filled with English autumn staples like tea, a rake, mulch, beans, and mash. It’s everything you need for an authentic autumn experience for the low, low price of $9.29.

At the end of the infomercial, Sheeran urges viewers to text the code “Autumn Variations” to the number flashing on the screen. When you do so, a message pops up revealing that The Damper Hamper will be restocked on August 24. A possible release date?

Sheeran recently told Sirius XM’s Andy Cohen that new music is on the way and that it is “an album about autumn.”

“I kind of have no expectations for it,” he continued. “It was the album I was trying to make and then Subtract happened. So I have finished it over the last year and, yeah, it’s ready to come out, so I’m gonna put it out.”

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With that in mind, it seems the infomercial was a way to key in his fans without giving too much away. Looks like he’s taking a page out of his longtime friend Taylor Swift’s easter egg playbook.

Sheeran has always had an autumnal vibe about him. His somber music is the perfect backing track to dreary fall days. It seems with this release, he is prepared to fully lean into that aesthetic. Check out the infomercial, below.

Autumn Variations (which is the presumed name of the album), follows closely behind the release of Subtract. Sheeran shared the latter album back in May and has since been promoting it with a sprawling tour. Find his remaining tour dates HERE.

Ed Sheeran (Photo: Dan Martensen)

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