ERNEST Launches His Own Publishing Venture

Country star du jour, ERNEST, has recently made some big moves in the music industry.

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With three up-and-coming musicians in tow, the “Flower Shops” chart-topper has just launched his own publishing venture in partnership with Big Loud. His imprint, ERN’s Cadillac Music, has been a years-in-the-making project, created to celebrate the craft of songwriting, and to pay forward the investment others made that helped get his foot in the door early on.

“I want to be a source for young writers who haven’t gotten a chance yet to play ball,” ERNEST explained to Billboard, recalling those who believed in him and his music at the start of his fledgling his career. “That changed our lives because we were in [writing] rooms we had no business being in, but we were getting in them because The Warren Brothers vouched for us, and then we had to do the rest on our own. But getting that one person that could bridge the gap, that’s the hardest part in this town. I want to create an environment where more writers can get a break.”

ERN’s Cadillac Music has kicked off its venture with three inaugural signings—young songwriter and steel guitar player, Chandler Walters; Kentucky-born artist, Cody Lohden; and Nashville-native Rafe Tenpenny.

“ERN and I met on TikTok,” Walters shared in a statement. “He hit me up asking where I lived and if I could join his band. Over the past year, we’ve traveled all over the country together and I have gotten to know him as a brother. ERN picking me to be in Cadillac Music is super humbling. He is one of the most accomplished songwriters in Nashville and him seeing something in me means more than anything.”

Lohden added, “Not too long ago I was riding on a firetruck and an ambulance, and now I’m getting to write songs. ERN is the GOAT. He’s a good dude. And it’s cool to know that someone like him who’s been in the business believes in me. It’s very cool to have him on my side and I’m very grateful!”

Tenpenny also recalled, “I met ERN a week before my first day of fifth grade at football practice. He came up to me and said ‘I bet I can pick you up’ then decided to show me. We have been best friends ever since.

“I respect him not only as a friend but as one of the best writers in the game right now, so for him to show faith in signing me means the world,” he continued. “I’ve learned plenty from ERN, but the biggest thing is to be true to yourself. When you listen to ERN’s music or see him on social media, podcasts, TV, etc., that’s what he’s like in real life.”

His new endeavor coupled with his own music, 2023 is poised to be a big year for the rising star. This announcement follows the news of the upcoming deluxe edition of his acclaimed 2022 release, FLOWER SHOPS (THE ALBUM). The 24-track expanded release, titled FLOWER SHOPS (THE ALBUM): Two Dozen Roses, is set to drop on Feb. 10.

Photo by Delaney Royer/Courtesy of BIG LOUD

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