Essential Reba McEntire Tracks: 4 Deep Cuts for Fans of the Country Queen

Known for her long and seasoned career packed full of country hits, Reba McEntire is a certified queen in country music. She’s known for hits like “Fancy” and “Can’t Even Get the Blues”, even her earlier tunes have stood the test of time. That being said, Reba has quite a few great songs in her discography that didn’t quite climb the charts. Let’s look at a few Reba deep cuts!

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1. “I’ll Believe It When I Feel It”

Our Oklahoman queen of country already had a number of #1 singles by the time she charmed us with this song. On her album Whoever’s In New England, “I’ll Believe It When I Feel It” shined as a great song, but didn’t make as many waves as other tracks on the album. It’s your typical steady-tempo country song, but you can really hear Reba’s voice soar with emotion throughout the track.

2. “If I Had Only Known”

This was an excellent deep cut from Reba’s album For My Broken Heart. It was a powerful release, as the album followed the deaths of several of her traveling band members in an aviation crash. This track in particular is her homage to the friends she lost in the accident. The final song on the album, “If I Had Only Known” lacks the lavish production that characterized her previous singles. It’s a barebones simple arrangement, and a haunting one at that.

3. “Face To Face”

Reba has always been one to take risks in her music. One such risk was releasing a duet with a background singer who was relatively unknown at the time. In the long run, it ended up working out. After recording the duet “Does He Love You” with Linda Davis, she went on to record another duet, “Face To Face”. It’s one of her best duets to date.

4. “Back Before The War”

Reba is excellent at describing what the pain behind ending a marriage really feels like. “Back Before The War” is far from her only breakup song, but it is certainly one of her best. Reba does an excellent job of portraying a strong, dignified woman in the midst of divorce on this track. It has an aptly sad arrangement with good country music bones. It’s one of her best tear-jerkers.

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