Exclusive First Listen: “Do I Miss You?” by Liddy Clark

We’ve all been there. Wondering if we should hit up an ex via text or call. At that moment, though, are we generally just lonesome, or do we really want to get back together with that person?

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That question is the subject of the new single “Do I Miss You?” by the Los Angeles-based country artist Liddy Clark. And today (April 7), American Songwriter is premiering the first listen of Clark’s new nostalgic track, which wonders out loud: Do I miss you, or am I just lonely?

“I had this title in my notes for a while and was trying to find the right way to write about it,” Clark, who is a fast-rising popular performer with millions of streams and likely just about as many fans, tells American Songwriter of her new track. “Then, one night, staring at the ceiling fan in my room spinning around and around, I realized that I was feeling just as conflicted as the chorus of the song.

“I couldn’t figure out whether or not I was genuinely wanting this person to be back in my life or if I was just feeling lonely, bored. So I wrote this song instead and purposefully left the ending up to the listener. You’ll probably know by the end of the track whether or not you actually miss them, so might as well give it a listen”

In the new track, Clark sings over an acoustic six-string:

I’m spinning around the ceiling fan in my room
With empty spaces in all these places I never knew
I’m back where you held me, where you’d tell me what I needed to hear
Now I’m reaching out, speaking now, but nothing’s clear

Then the chorus hits:

Do I miss you or am I lonely?
Do I want you or want you to hold me?
Is it ever just as simple as that?
I know it’s late, I know it’s over
But I can’t leave until I know for a fact
That I’m just trying to retrace my past
Or do I miss you?
Do I miss you?

Check out the full song premiere of Do I Miss You? below:

Photo by Maysa Askar / Marbaloo

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