Kelly Clarkson Praises Mariah Carey’s Songwriting

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Kelly Clarkson’s new album chemistry releases tomorrow, June 23, and ahead of the new project, Clarkson was interviewed by Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe. 

Clarkson and Lowe did discuss the album along with the themes of inspiration that went into making it. Though, one of the main focal points from the interview is Clarkson’s comments regarding Mariah Carey’s songwriting talents. 

After Clarkson praised Carey’s song “Side Effects,” she shared that Carey isn’t credited for her talents as a songwriter. “People don’t give her enough credit,” Clarkson asserted. “People give her credit as a singer. I don’t think people give her credit as a writer. I don’t think people realize…She wrote all that shit.” 

She bolstered her comment by further stating, “I think people think of her as a songbird and they don’t think of her as the writer she is.” She added that there are a “number of hits” that Carey wrote. 

The comments about Carey’s songwriting talent aren’t the first signs of praise Clarkson has given the singer/songwriter. In 2020 during quarantine, Clarkson posted a video on Instagram covering Carey’s 1990 song “Vanishing” while she was stuck at her ranch in Montana.

In addition to Clarkson’s cover of Carey’s tune, another incident where the artist commended Carey’s talent was back in 2013 on American Idol‘s 12th season. In the episode, first-time American Idol winner Clarkson performs her single “People Like Us” in front of the show’s current judge, Carey. After the performance, Clarkson let out an animated scream and said, “It’s so nerve-wracking in front of Mariah Carey.” The two then shared a moment on stage, and Carey later responded, “Darling, I need your opinion on some new stuff.” 

All in all, the two generational pop stars are fond fans of one another and recognize the talent they both possess. Watch Clarkson’s interview with Apple Music 1 below.

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