Exclusive: Hear Eight Wooden Wand Demos

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Wooden Wand’s James Toth, one of our favorite indie artists, will release Briarwood on Apri 17. He graciously shared with us the demos for the album, which we’d like to pass along to you (they’re also available on the deluxe edition).

“I recorded all of these demos on a Boss BR-1600 digital 8 track, at home,” says Toth. “The songs were written in clusters of three, and all came to me pretty fast while on tour in Europe. I came home from Europe with the album 90% written, so, even before unpacking, I very eagerly sat down and recorded this batch of songs so I wouldn’t forget them. After the fact, the demos have a second function – they show how skilled my band (The Briarwood Virgins) is. Compare my early demo solos, harmony vocals, etc. to the ones they would ultimately contribute to the album, and you will soon see why I choose to work with this very special group of people.”

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