Experimental Musician Nate Mercereau Debuts, “There You Are”


After working with the likes of Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, Leon Bridges, Rhye — and a bunch of others — psychedelic/experimental jazz virtuoso Nate Mercereau had previously released his solo debut, ‘There You Are’.

The video for the song can be seen below, and was directed by Jakob Longcob and Spencer Ford (who directed all the videos for Brockhampton’s most recent, GINGER). The video features some wild digital animation with desert footage, which has been a recurring theme in these videos.

Merereau told American Songwriter that the motivation behind the music was to pull out and look at life from a different lens.

There You Are is a multi movement piece about how far you can go down an alternate life pathway and still find yourself there,” he said. “The song ends up exactly where it started. The farther I zoom out, the things I thought were so important don’t matter, all you’re left with is you.

“Remembering that larger perspective helps me to act with the right amount of understanding about what it means to be alive.”

The song opens with a soft, 40-second interlude before ramping up and exploding with energy that fuels the next five minutes before fading back down. It is a track that feels like it would be in a Quentin Tarantino chase scene.

Mercereau maintains an understated, yet undeniable presence as a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He brings impressive musicality, songwriting proficiency, and visionary instrumentation to any and every project.

His credits span co-writing and performance for everyone from JAY-Z and Leon Bridges to Banks, Rhye, and Mike Posner. Simultaneously, he developed a sound of his own that comes into focus in 2019 and amplifies his presence more than ever before.

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