Fans Celebrate Eddie Vedder’s Birthday on Social Media

They say those born around Christmas are often forgotten when it’s time to celebrate their special day. Well, we’re not going to let that happen to the Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Vedder.

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Let’s all join in unison in wishing the “Alive” singer a happy 57th birthday today, December 23.

And we can take a trip around the digital world to see who else might be wishing the “Even Flow” crooner a joyous born day.

Pearl Jam:

“Happy birthday, Eddie Vedder!”

Anexdotario del Rock:

“Hoy Eddie Vedder, cantante de Pearl Jam, cumple 57 años.”

Igor Miranda:

“Hoje, Eddie Vedder faz 57 anos. O vocalista do Pearl Jam é lembrado pela voz barítona e pelas letras com reflexões pessoais e sociais. Também lançou álbuns solo e gravou com o projeto Temple of the Dog. Qual a sua música favorita na voz de Eddie Vedder?”

Corbin Reiff:

“Happy Birthday shoutout to Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, pictured here in his natural habitat…”

Fergie Jenkins:

“Does it get Eddie Vedder than this? Happy Birthday Eddie! #pearljam

Carl Quintanilla:

“‘Freezin’ Rests his head on a pillow made of concrete ..’ .. Eddie Vedder (born today in 1964) wrote in “Evenflow” — about a homeless Vietnam War vet he’d once befriended in Seattle. “Oh, feelin’ Maybe he’ll see a little better set o’ days ..”

Rock and Roll Garage:

“Happy 57 birthday to the incredible Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder!”

George Stroumboulophoulos:

“Mr. Eddie Vedder turns 57 today. Here is that vocals only clip showcasing the tremendous power of his voice.”

The Iron Sheik:


Corey duBrowa:

“HBD, Eddie Vedder. I first saw PJ when they were on the Ten tour (they played Portland’s late, great Satyricon, if you can believe it). Closed w/ Beatles’ I’ve Got a Feeling. Years later, met him at Dreamforce as Marc Benioff toured him around the venue. Chill + hilarious.”

Jill Hopkins:

“Happy Eddie Vedder’s Birthday to those who celebrate.”

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