Fender Play Levels Up With 1:1, Offering One-On-One Real-Time Lessons

Fender partners with Blayze to introduce Fender Play 1:1 for personalized, one-on-one music instruction

On May 9, Fender launched Fender Play 1:1, a brand new offering set to go live through the Fender Play app. Fender Play 1:1 offers one-on-one music lessons with experienced, approved instructors.

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The app Fender Play, dotingly referred to by Fender as “the complete online learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele,” has helped over 2.5 million new guitar players since 2017, and delivered more than 100 million total lessons to music students.

Fender Play

Now, Fender has taken this to the next level by partnering with Blayze, a premier online coaching platform. Blayze connects students with expert instructors in the worlds of sports, music, car racing, and everything in between.

With Blayze integration through Fender Play 1:1, students will now be able to interact directly with Fender-approved teachers on the Fender Play app via live lessons. In particular, Fender Play 1:1 aims to provide personalized learning for guitar, bass, and ukulele players.

As a musician myself, it is true that you can only get so far with pre-recorded lessons—at some point, you need to get in front of a real teacher. Andy Mooney, CEO of Fender, says that “By adding direct one-on-one instruction…our goal is to further support and enhance the learning experience.”

Fender Play

Here are some of the specific features included in Fender Play 1:1.

  • You can browse through the app’s different instructors, select one, and schedule an introductory call. During the call, you can discuss your musical backgrounds, goals, and preferences to make sure it’s a good fit.
  • You have the option for live coaching calls, or (if you’re shy) uploading videos for annotated feedback. In other words, personalized, one-on-one guidance is available in whatever form you want it.
  • Your instructor can provide you with fully customized training plans, as well as exercises and practice routines integrated into the platform for easy access and completion.
  • The app has a direct messaging feature for ongoing communication with instructors, even outside of lesson times. So if a question comes to mind during a mid-week practice session, you can reach out right then and there for advice from your teacher.

Word on the street is that the folks over at Blayze are thrilled with the partnership as well. 

Fender Play

Dion von Moltke, CEO of Blayze, said “Fender’s commitment to offering innovative tools that improve the learning experience makes this partnership a natural fit. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Fender to integrate Blayze’s advanced one-on-one digital coaching platform.”

Through live, personalized instruction, Fender Play 1:1 aims to redefine online guitar lessons and take learning to the next level.

Sign-up for Fender Play 1:1 online through either Blayze or Fender.

Images Courtesy of Fender Play

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