Fishman Updates Its TriplePlay MIDI Guitar Products And Adds New, Expanded Software Bundle

The Fishman TriplePlay Wireless and TriplePlay Connect MIDI Products get a makeover, with new and improved software bundles. All current owners of the TriplePlay Wireless and TriplePlay Connect now have access to the TriplePlay Software for Mac and PC and the Connect iOS App for iPad.

As part of the relaunch, the software installation process has been improved. Fishman has also created several new videos, including a new hardware installation video, as well as a comprehensive series of software tutorial videos for both the TriplePlay desktop software and the Connect iOS app.

Fishman has made it easier to work across iOS and desktop. TriplePlay Wireless users now have complimentary access to the TriplePlay Connect iOS app, previously a $20 value, the TriplePlay Software for Mac and PC, and more than 1,500 exclusive patches for use with professional virtual instruments from EastWest®, Native Instruments® and KV331 Audio®.

In addition, all TriplePlay products will now include a free perpetual-use license for the award-winning SynthMaster One®. The new SynthMaster One update offers thousands of unique synthesizer presets, with specifically designed TriplePlay patches.

Fishman TriplePlay with Synthmaster One

According to their press announcement, “new 'hand-position technology' will eliminate ghost notes for easier chords and even higher accuracy. Another added feature is 'alternate tuning optimization' which optimizes the pitch-to-MIDI detection for the desired tuning on the guitar, allowing for better tracking accuracy, available in both the iOS App and Mac/PC software.”

Additionally, “the company’s goal of offering this package across both the wireless and wired (Connect) products is to unify the product line and encourage users to explore the limitless possibilities of sounds, features and performance. TriplePlay products work with most MIDI-enabled DAW, Synth, or other music applications on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, turning your guitar into a true virtual instrument controller.

The TriplePlay software comes as both a standalone application and VST plugin and is compatible with most DAW’s including Logic®, Cubase®, Digital Performer®, GarageBand®, Ableton Live®, and any other music software that accepts class-compliant MIDI.”

American Songwriter featured the Triple Play Connect in our 2019 Holiday Gear Guide, which you can read here. A quick summary: "The Triple Play Connect is a serious hardware/software combo designed for iPad that packs a mountain of sounds, which you can record and then share online. The MIDI guitar controller hardware installs non-invasively on your guitar and connection to the iPad is through a Lightning or USB cable. The iOS app is an immersive music production toolbox that opens up a world of sounds, including piano and organ, looping, rhythms, backing tracks and more."

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