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After major label drama and other tribulations, The Rescues are back, with the anthemic, emotional “Arrow.” The track is the first preview of the band’s upcoming album Blah Blah Love And War, due out next year. The lead vocals are split between Adrianne Gonzalez and Rob Giles, with Kyler England and Gabriel Mann in the background.

Band member Gabriel Mann runs down “Arrow’s” origin story:

“Adri came over to the studio one day towards the end of a difficult period for the band, having done significant touring, with time away from family and friends and ‘normal’ life, pushing as hard as we could after the release of our first album on Universal Republic.

After some time recovering from that experience, we found that we couldn’t write in the same way as we had done the first record, where we were all in the same room at the same time cranking out material in short order. So we did some solo writing, some duo, some trio, then brought ideas to the band to flesh out.

Anyway, that particular day it was the two of us, and the studio was feeling a bit sterile, so we went out to the park with paper and pens, wrote down some stream of consciousness thoughts individually. Then we traded papers and circled what we liked, be it a word or a phrase or an idea or a sound. There were some obvious connections, and when we put those together there was that feeling of a boat without a rudder, aimlessness, anchored only by a belief in a deep love somewhere out there. We came back to the studio with some words in our pockets and the music kinda exploded. “

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