Jesse Ruben’s Love Story Seeks to Inspire with New Single “Future”


Jesse Ruben is an all-around charming musician — and today’s release of his new single, “Future,” highlights Ruben’s captivating sound. It is a raw and folksy message uniquely describes an epic love story that is based on Ruben’s own story.

“I’ve written a bunch of songs for my wife, but this one was different,” Ruben explains. “I wanted it to be a surprise. I finished writing it six months before we got married, and played it at all of my live shows (remember those?) whenever my wife wasn’t there. I always asked the audience to put their phones away, not to record it, or write anything about it online. No one did. The first time she heard it was at our rehearsal dinner. It was another really special moment.” 

The music video for “Future” encapsulates some of these special moments that Ruben remembers. The beginning of the video, in particular, excitingly records Ruben’s proposal before seamlessly moving into the music of “Future.”

“The thing about life-changing moments is mostly, we don’t know when they’re coming. We wake up in the morning having no idea that by the time we go to bed that night, our lives will be completely different. The first time I saw my wife walk into that bar on the Lower East Side, I knew that I was having one of those moments. It was exciting and scary and comfortable and overwhelming all at the same time. I wanted this song to commemorate that moment.” 

“Future” expertly encapsulates these moments of the past while simultaneously looking forward. The logistics of bringing this song to life, however, were a little more technical than Ruben’s professions of love. 

“All of my ideas for making a music video went out the window during quarantine,” Ruben said. “It was my wife’s suggestion to use our wedding footage, since it was the best quality video we had on hand, and to incorporate photos and videos we had from our daily lives. Making the video together (let me be honest, my wife did 100% the editing, she’s the best and I don’t deserve her) was also really fun, because it gave us a chance to go through our phones and relive all of our favorite memories and milestones. It felt right to include them. I love the way it turned out.” 

We love how it turned out too.

“I hope you hear this song and it reminds you of meeting someone special. I hope it gives you a break from all the craziness that’s happening in the world right now. Thank you for listening.” 

Watch the video for “Future” below and find out more about Jesse Ruben here.

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