Harbinger MüV Series Debuts the MLS800 Personal Line Array

Harbinger MLS800 Line Array PA system
PRESS RELEASE Thousand Oaks, CA-February 2017... The newest member of Harbinger's MüV Series of ultra-portable PA’s is the MLS800 Personal Line Array. This compact, custom configuration PA is ideal for gigging musicians, singer/songwriters, presenters, and anyone who needs a simple, portable, turnkey, sound-reinforcement solution with exceptional sound and unprecedented value. This all-in one sound system features a passive, full-range satellite section comprising six matched, 2.75-inch high-frequency drivers that are configured as a line array for precise, professional-quality audio performance. The active, vented subwoofer section utilizes an 8-inch low-frequency driver with a 1.5-inch voice coil. The system is powered by 800 watts of Class D amplification, configured as 400W for the satellite section and 400W for the subwoofer. A built-in limiter protects the amplifier inputs. A phase plug extends the high-frequency response by guiding waves outward so they don't interact destructively near the driver. The MLS800 offers three input channels: Channel 1 presents a combo microphone/line input, Channel 2 sports a combo mic/instrument input, and Channel 3 provides a choice of stereo RCA aux inputs and Bluetooth wireless input-great for use with mobile devices. The onboard three-channel mixer and 2-band shelving EQ enable you to create a clear, clean, balanced mix that will fill any small venue. By connecting the Line Out jack of one MLS800 to a line input on a second unit, you can easily daisy-chain units to provide even more coverage for larger venues. The Harbinger MLS800 tower stand-mount assembles quickly and easily, providing instant audio connections. Its column is configurable to full or half-height for maximum versatility. Built to take the stresses of travel, it features a sturdy plastic case and 1 mm steel speaker grilles. LEDs indicate power and limiter status. An included carry bag makes travel and storage easy. Harbinger MüV Series Portable PA systems are a simple solution for anyone who needs a portable, affordable sound system for smaller performances, presentations, and rehearsals. The Harbinger MLS800 will have a street price of $699.99 is available at Guitar Center and Musician's Friend.  

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