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Singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur took to Facebook today to post some distressing news.

NYC towed my van and sold it with amps and equipment and so much art in it. It’s a white 2003 dodge ram. Sold yesterday. Please help recover. Anyone with any knowledge or help (lawyers) into how to deal with a city taking and selling your stuff would be greatly appreciated. I just found out about this and cant think straight but so much priceless (to me) was inside. Over 40 large scale paintings rolled in canvas. I’m gutted.

The van wasn’t towed and sold the same day. It was towed from a place where it was getting repaired and sold when i was in Mexico under the impression that it was back at the shop.

We hate to think of Arthur, who stopped by the office last year for a great live Session and ended up giving us one of his paintings, getting screwed. If you can help him out, contact him at via his Facebook page.

Get a free download of Arthur’s latest album, Redemption Cityhere.


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