Daily Discovery: Jamie Miller Gives Post-Breakup Advice on “Here’s Your Perfect”

Raw conviction is 24-year-old UK-born Jamie Miller’s secret weapon. 

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His most recent release, “Here’s Your Perfect,” is proof of that—the song is reaching the souls of heartbroken people across the globe. Racking up nearly 100 million streams on Spotify alone, the track conveys with Olivia Rodrigo-esque poignance and vulnerability the message that you’re worthy—despite the relationship status. 

I remember the day / Even wrote the date that I fell for you, he writes, And now it’s crossed out in red, but I still can’t forget if I wanted to / And it drives me insane, think I’m hearing your name everywhere I go / But it’s all in my head.

The singer/songwriter shares that this first verse was something he had written in his diary and eventually put into the song. This creation brings an intimate level of authenticity to “Here’s Your Perfect” that resonates with fans. 

“I was cheated on in a previous relationship and got my heart broken for the first time,” Miller tells American Songwriter. “I wrote in an aspect of, ‘It’s going to be OK.’ No one should try to change you to be anything other than your true self, because that’s enough.” 

The lyrics detail the process of coming to terms with the fact that the way a relationship ends isn’t a reflection of your value as a person or partner. Instead, it’s an opportunity to stand firm in the conviction that you deserve better and let go. 

“I love if I’m feeling down, or happy, or any kind of emotion, I get to write about it. I feel like the best thing about being an artist is you can write through your feelings,” Miller explains. 

Even so, his music not only has the power to help him work through his own feelings but to articulate those of his listeners as well. The top-pinned comment on the track’s music video puts it perfectly: “This is the song I’ve been waiting for.” 

Miller hopes that at the core of “Here’s Your Perfect” there’s a clear thread of optimism, and of being reminded that “life gets better.” 

Now I know the perfect way to let you go,” he sings. “Give my last hello, hope it’s worth it / Here’s your perfect.

Listen to Jamie Miller’s “Here’s Your Perfect” below.

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