Go Down a Rock Rabbit Hole with JunkBunny’s Newest EP

Every kid dreams of being in a band. From fantasizing about playing on stage with legendary musicians alongside your best friends to selling out shows across the nation, the sky was the limit. For the barely legal boys of JunkBunny, this dream became a reality. 

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The Texas trio consists of Mac Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, Cayden Diebold on vocals and bass, and Jake Douglas on drums. Releasing their major label debut before graduating high school, the group is barely over the age of eighteen. 

While a band of teens seems synonymous with lack of experience, depth, and dedication, JunkBunny’s adolescence works in their favor. Their music, reminiscent of blink-182, Simple Plan and Foo Fighters means the group’s sound is a young person’s early 2000s head-banging dream come true. 

The band recently released their sophomore EP entitled Down the Rabbit Hole which includes their critically acclaimed track “Another Summer Song”. The song, as the title suggests, is paired best with a summer day and a group of friends in the car with the windows down. 

“‘Another Summer Song’ is definitely our summertime banger. We wanted it to be a song that people could blast and get those summertime vibes no matter where they are. At the same time, it’s about someone who doesn’t want to waste their summer by being alone, and wanting to share it with close friends and loved ones,” the band explained.  

The rest of the EP delivers a one-two punch of youthful musings and rock-infused honesty on the complexity of different relationships. 

The band says their raw and relatable lyrics could never be manufactured on-demand, but instead require patience and unrestricted ease.

“We write at our best when we don’t feel like we’re pressed for time, or someone needs something from us. When the music can just flow naturally, that’s when we’re at our best.” 

Succeeding at a craft most artists have to hone in for decades, JunkBunny is undeniably special. Even so, at the end of the day, their top priority is a simple one – “to make and play music for the rest of [their] careers.” 

Check out Down the Rabbit Hole below now. 

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