Honorable Mention | “Coming Home”

Honorable Mention
“Coming Home”
Tyler Heath
Angleton, Texas

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I’ve heard it said
that home is just a word
and words are just the refuge of a cowardly man
I’ve heard that home
is just the house that you grew up in
a building that was built by someone else’s hand

some people try to find a home and take it
but I believe that home is where you make it

and I am still coming home
I still haven’t found the place where I belong
I’ve traveled the world
seen a thousand suns rise
but I refuse to lay down and die
I’m still coming home

people will say
that I am just a dreamer
and dreams are nice
but someday you’ve just got to settle down
but settling is just
another word for surrender
and I will not surrender ’til they bury me in the ground

and if home is where the heart is
my home is with you
and where my treasure lies
is the look there in your eyes

if home is where the heart is
then I’m coming home
to you

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