Is Blink-182 Up to Something? Band Drops Cryptic Bread Crumbs

Another band’s Instagram has been cleared of all posts. That can only mean one thing: new music. Right?

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Blink-182, the punk rock trio of “What’s My Age Again?” fame, has wiped their Instagram clear and their website reads “under construction,” “hard at work,” and “check back soon.” But it goes further than that. Cryptic bread crumbs have been dropped in many places.

A deeper dive into the internet, reveals something big happening in the near future for the band. A series of tweets from 2013 have recently been liked by the band’s Twitter account. “Its going to be really strange in 10 years when blink182 is classic rock and we hear it in drug stores and elevators,” one liked post reads, talking about the group in 10 years, i.e. 2023, i.e. next year, i.e. eeeee!

Across their social media platforms, their bios have also been updated to read “Crappy Punk Rock since 1992″ and their profile pictures have been changed to depict their throwback smiley face insignia.

Hints have been found from Peru to Manhattan with a billboard showcasing the band’s name in their vintage type, as seen in the tweet below. A series of posters have also been spotted. Advertising “182 Industries,” a website,, redirects to Blink-182’s “under construction” homepage.

The band’s “next phase” was hinted at a few months ago in a People interview with Blink’s co-lead singer and bassist Mark Hoppus, who revealed snapshots of the band’s future amid his cancer recovery and relationship rebuild with fellow band members Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker. Hoppus described the group as being in “a really great place right now.”

He added in the interview: “I keep writing music, and I’m open to whatever the next phase of Blink is. I’m hopeful for the future. I’m just damn glad to be here.”

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