Is Luke Bryan Feuding with Lionel Richie? The ‘American Idol’ Judge Clears the Air

Luke Bryan recently spoke about Katy Perry’s decision to leave American Idol, as she won’t be returning after this season ends. Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Bryan touched on Perry’s leaving, as well as addressed rumors that he and Lionel Richie are feuding over who should replace Perry.

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Bryan and Kimmel first addressed the fact that Perry broke the news of her departure on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Allegedly, she hadn’t told Bryan or Richie. Bryan then jokingly asked if Kimmel had “brought me here to fire me,” wondering if the show was “the train station for American Idol.”

Kimmel asked if Bryan was there to quit, to which he replied, “Not to my knowledge.” Kimmel then brought up the tabloid accusations that Bryan and Richie are fighting over Perry’s replacement.

“You and Lionel are the next Drake and Kendrick Lamar,” Kimmel joked. Bryan replied, “Yeah, me and Lionel, it’s tense on the set.” He then answered seriously, saying, “I read the tabloid and I’m like, ‘me and Lionel in a feud over Katy Perry’s replacement’ … You can’t feud with Lionel,” he confessed. “He’s like apple pie, he’s the most wholesome human. So me and Lionel, we’re good.”

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Luke Bryan Talks About Who’s Going to Replace Katy Perry on American Idol

Kimmel then brought it back to Katy Perry’s replacement on American Idol. “Are you guys involved in that decision?” he asked. Bryan replied, “Not really.”

He joked, “We let the smart people do that, we just show up and enjoy the talent and have fun.” Kimmel asked if they’ve made any suggestions for Perry’s successor, and Bryan jokingly accused Kimmel of “walking me into this,” acting like it was a set-up to get the scoop on Perry’s replacement.

The two joked about bringing some of Bryan’s mom’s friends from Mexico Beach, Florida onto the show to replace Perry. Bryan, however, was adamant that they should just stay in Mexico Beach, Florida.

American Idol is winding down and getting closer to the finish line as the weeks progress. The next new episode will air on Sunday, May 12, at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

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