J.B. Boone Inspires Listeners To Reflect On “Wildfeather”

“Well, quarantine gave me a lot of time to reflect on myself and the decisions I’ve made in the past few years,” J.B. Boone told American Songwriter. “I began thinking about the pivotal moments, the ones that came with major change, and the feelings that went into those choices.”

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In this regard, Boone is like much of the rest of the country: at a crossroads in the midst of uncertainty. Between pandemics and protests, many are beginning to not only question the bigger picture of our society but the smaller picture of their daily lives. On May 10, Boone released “Wildfeather,” a single that managed to anticipate this phenomenon.

“‘Wildfeather’ discusses the paradox of bravery and self-consciousness in these moments,” Boone said. “Some of the bravest choices we make come at the most fragile times — and they come with consequences, whatever the outcome may be. We may be ‘living the life’ at the expense of other relationships and experiences, and we may miss our families and our homes. But the important thing is that when these fragile moments come, we stand up and make these brave choices and stick by them. Especially right now, I think everyone could use a little introspection into how they can face the world bravely.”

Hailing from Texas, Boone’s style feels akin to an updated version of the ‘stomp & holler’ that Mumford & Sons made famous over a decade ago. Boone even plays the folky four-on-the-floor drum part with his feet while his bright tenor voice guides the listener through the song’s arc. Yet, Boone’s blend of pop writing and country instrumentation feels more effortless than Mumford’s early endeavors — the banjo comes across less as a novelty and more as an essential and tasteful calling card for the genre.

Perhaps this effortlessness comes from the genuineness of Boone’s message. A determined and altruistic artist, Boone is a strong believer in the power of music, noting that “so many songs have made a huge impact on my life, and have helped me through hard times. If I can make even one person feel a connection, that’ll be good enough for me.” In regards to “Wildfeather,” Boone wants to inspire his listeners to reflect.

“I want people to be brave,” Boone said. “I want them to understand the complex emotions brewing beneath their skin and how that plays into the choices they make. I think a little self-reflection goes a long way in figuring out life’s problems.”

Listen to J.B. Boone’s new single ‘Wildfeather’ below:

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