J. Cole Meets Lesser-Known Rapper, Listens to His Music and Shares Advice

A local rapper in Queens, New York, got the surprise of a lifetime on Wednesday (March 22).

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Ty Trilly posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday of him and J. Cole in the lobby of his project housing complex. Along with some of his friends, Trilly and Cole listened to Trilly’s latest single “Adapt,” now available exclusively on SoundCloud.

After hearing the song, Trilly explained to Cole that it was unfinished and he wanted to add another verse to it. However, Cole disagreed, saying the track was fine as is and needed to be released ASAP.

“You don’t even need it, n***a,” Cole says in the clip. “Shoot the s**t, put that b***h out, next! ‘Cause they gon’ feel it. And they gon’ feel the next one, I swear to God. I know what you mean like, ‘Man, I probably need a second verse.’ No, n***a. Just that! Shoot the video, put that b***h out, it’s gon’ land on the people it’s supposed to land on.”

It seems Trilly took the legend’s advice, as the song officially hit SoundCloud the same day he uploaded the video to his Instagram page. Additionally, after the video he posted went viral, he promised to follow up on Cole’s plan for him and put out the “Adapt” music video soon too.

“Literally got over 1000 mentions I (can’t) repost everything,” he wrote on his Instagram story. “I see it all (though) and appreciate it all. Video shoot today!!”

On the same day in Queens, Cole was seen outside hanging out with Ty Trilly’s videographer Pasta On Da Lenz. Promising to put something together with Pasta, Cole is welcomed by the entire community in the video.

While it’s currently unclear why J. Cole took a day trip to Queens and visited Ty Trilly, he surely changed a handful of lives with his kindness and open-mindedness. Check out “Adapt” by Ty Trilly below.

(Photo by Josh Brasted/FilmMagic)

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