Cole Swindell Gets Choked Up While Singing Song For His Late Mother

Considering the number 12 to be his lucky number, country singer Cole Swindell decided to treat fans this fall to a 12-show tour which started in October. While fans shared their excitement about seeing the singer perform live, on November 4, he also treated fans to one of his unreleased songs, “Heads Up Heaven.” Although the country star played the song back in 2022 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Swindell struggled with the performance due to remembering his late mother who passed away in September 2021. 

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Sharing His Loss With Fans

While some fans might remember the song, Swindell has yet to place it with an album. Instead, he holds it close, only showcasing it on rare occasions. With fans in attendance excited to hear it, he warned them, “You know, I lost my mom a couple of years ago. I know I’m not the only one in here that’s probably been through that. But I wrote this song and gonna try and get through this thing.” The singer added, “I hope you love it and I hope it makes you think of somebody you’re missing tonight.”

In 2019, Swindell talked about his mother, Betty Carol Rainey, and how she always knew how to keep him humble. “She’s the one that, no matter how stressed out I get, if I wanna be here or wanna be there, she is always the first person to remind me, ‘Come on, Cole, he said. “Think about it. Me and you would have never thought you’d be where you are right now.’”


#twelvetour @coleswindell Touching moment at the show, listening to Heads Up Heaven being performed on the last night of the tour. It was an honor to hear it live ❤️🥺

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Throughout the song, the lyrics surrounded what heaven should expect with Rainey joining their ranks. Swindell sang about his mother taking a moment to pray over their gravy and biscuits. In another verse, the singer admitted to having trouble letting go, but how heaven is getting a good person. 

Cole Swindell Honored His Father With Song

Although Swindell hit the notes and made it through the song, it wasn’t without a great deal of emotion. The singer broke down over the words, but he wasn’t alone as fans showered him with support. With the video shared online, fans shared their love for the country star with one writing, “Moms teach us everything but how to live without them.” 

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Eight years before his mother passed away, Swindell’s father unexpectedly died as the singer’s music career was just starting to gain momentum. Just like his mother, the singer wrote a song to honor his father, calling it “You Should Be Here.” With both parents gone, Swindell continues to honor their legacy and remember the good times they shared. 

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