Jan/Feb 2015 2nd Place Lyric Contest Winner: Mary Haller

2nd Place
“Instead of Roses”
Mary Haller
Acton, Massachusetts

Crystal vase, twelve long-stem buds
Expressions of a man’s true love
I gotta admit they get me every time
Too bad they ain’t mine
Sometimes I’m jealous of girls I know
Gettin’ long white boxes with red silk bows
But then I remember
I’ve got something better

Instead of roses, he fixes my car
Plants me a garden in our little backyard
Holds on to my hand as we look at the stars
There’s a million little ways my baby shows it
Instead of roses

Every now and then he’ll apologize
For not being that kind of guy
I take his hand and tell him I can see
All the ways that he loves me

Instead of roses, he writes me a song
Tells me he’s sorry when he knows he’s wrong
Gives me that smile that helps me hold on
There’s a million little ways my baby shows it

Dries my tears when I’m aching
Lifts me up when I’m fading
Says so much without saying

Instead of roses each night he comes home
Smiles when he sees me, then pulls me in close
Kisses me softly, kisses me slow
There’s a million little ways he shows it
So many ways that he lets me know it
Instead of roses
Instead of roses
Instead of roses

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