Jan/Feb 2015 3rd Place Lyric Contest Winner: Luke Brindley

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

3rd Place
Luke Brindley
Reston, Virginia

Wars and rumors of wars
And they ain’t go away
There’s a hurricane gathering off the coast
Make landfall on Monday

In a basement apartment on Montague Place
We’re trying to love the way we should
And hold this family together
We’ll hold this family together

I wanna do right by you
No man works harder than I do
Still I’m scared of losing what’s mine

Photographs on the dresser
Remind me of better times
We held the babies in our arms
In our hearts – a dream that would never die

Now my heart breaks to see you on your knees tonight
Praying for peace to come
You should be far away from here little one
You think I’m the best you could have done?


Now what if they told us ’bout when we were older?
We never would have believed
We were young, we were fearless, we were free
And nothing could have stopped us or come between you and me

So tonight we’re leaving
Gonna take a bus up north
I’m so tired of trying
To prove what I am worth

Past these houses I could never give you
Out of this town where we never belong
Back to where it all began
Back to you, me, and a song

I wanna do right by you
No man works harder than I do
I’ll never lose what’s mine


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