Jelly Roll Weighs in on the Possibility of a Future DeFord Family Reality Show

Jelly Roll is one of the most talked-about artists in country music today. This is partly because his music resonates with a wide array of listeners. At the same time, he may be one of the most interesting people in the genre. His path took him from the trap house to the Opry house and beyond. He’s also an open book about what’s going on in his life today. He readily shares the spotlight with his family and many who are fans of him and his work are also fans of Bunnie Xo and his kids.

Videos by American Songwriter

Fans want to know what is going on in the lives of Jelly Roll and Bunnie. As a result, videos featuring the “Need a Favor” singer and his family regularly pull in thousands of views. Some would say that his life is like a movie. Others are hoping that they’ll adapt their daily lives into a reality show much like The Osbornes. After all, their larger-than-life personalities would be perfect for the small screen.

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In a recent interview with hosts Kelli and Guy on Audacy’s K-FROG, Jelly Roll revealed if a reality show is in the cards for him and his family.

Will Jelly Roll Put His Family in Front of a Camera?

Kelli asked “What do you think is more realistic? Will we ever get a reality show with you and Bunnie or a duet with you and Bunnie?” Jelly didn’t have to think about the answer. “Oh man, maybe both. I think both are realistic,” he said. However, having a reality show isn’t his goal.

“My dream is to get into scripted television,” he revealed. “I think that’d be cool if we told our story in like a ten-part series,” he added. “That’s what I’m into. I’m always attracted to what I’m a fan of.”

He went on to say, “We go home and night and we pick shows it will be anything from The Rookie on ABC to like The Mayor of Kingstown. We have so many rotating shows that we’re always watching a series.”

So, those who are interested in seeing Jelly Roll and Bunnie’s life unfold on the screen may get their wish in the future.

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