Jennifer Lopez Teases ‘Delivery Day’ for ‘This Is Me … Now’

While keeping fans on their toes for months, Jennifer Lopez has just teased once again that her forthcoming album, This Is Me…Now, will most likely be released sooner rather than later. On June 29, Lopez shared a black-and-white photo to Instagram that depicts the singer and actress smiling in front of a sign that showcases the title of her new album.

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The new post is captioned “This Is Me…Now. Album delivery day ✨ #THISISMENOW.” It is not clear when the actual “album delivery day” will be, but according to the post, it could be as soon as June 29.

Back in March, Lopez revealed to Spotify that the album would be released this summer. She stated, “My upcoming album This Is Me … Now is coming out this summer. Yes, you heard it here first. I’m super excited.”

This Is Me…Now serves as a sort of spiritual sequel to Lopez’s 2003 record, This Is Me … Then.  This Is Me … Then was a celebration of her relationship with Ben Affleck. Lopez became engaged to Affleck in 2002, but in 2004, the two split. However, the couple rekindled a decade later and married in 2022.

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While speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Lopez opened up about how This Is Me … Then was heavily impacted by her relationship with Affleck. Lopez told Lowe, “It is a little bit like the Twilight Zone. It doesn’t happen. That album, This Is Me… Then, really captured a moment in time where I fell in love with the love of my life.

“It’s all right there on the record. I didn’t even realize what was happening and what I was doing,” Lopez continued. “It was just every day going from the set to the recording studio, doing the thing, being in love, him coming into the studio, writing ‘I’m Glad,’ […] Me tweaking the lyrics with him. Every single song that we wrote there, me writing ‘Dear Ben’, it was such a special moment in time to have captured.”

Lopez then told Lowe how This Is Me … Now is a reflection of her rekindled romance and marriage to Affleck. She added, “The reason we’re here is because I want to capture this moment in time because it is even better than the first time. We captured me at this moment in time when I was reunited with the love of my life, and we decided we were going to be together forever. The whole message of the album then is this love exists. This is a real love.”

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