Jillette Johnson Shares What It’s Taken To Get To Her Latest Album, ‘It’s A Beautiful Day and I Love You’

Nashville-based songwriter and artist, Jillette Johnson is looking at gratitude and steadiness with the release of her latest self-written project, It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You. On the latest episode of Surviving the Music Industry podcast, host Brandon Harrington and Johnson talk about the identity between life and music, and Johnson’s reconstruction and deconstruction process for herself and music. 

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One might think Johnson could be one of the coolest people in the room with her confidence and chill demeanor as other ego-driven conversations are overcompensating in the room. Judging from this episode of SMI, she is just as relatable wrestling with identity, fitting into cliques, and working the room with “cool”.

Johnson confesses to Harrington that the cool and the superficial indicators which dictate how the room should be felt have been something she’s wrestled in her life. Hard to imagine once you know the musical history of the artistry of Jillette Johnson.

In this episode of Surviving the Music Industry, Johnson takes Harrington through her career beginnings, living in New York when she was signed to Wind-Up (Filter, Evanescence, Civil Twilight, Five For Fighting) and finding her place in those rooms.

From there, discovering her sound through her first commercial album Water In A Whale, then the changes that would soon follow with record deals and process with new producer Dave Cobb in All I Ever See In You Is Me. Johnson confesses that she routinely self-evaluates her life in general and It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You is proof of the deconstruction and reconstruction that one takes through a self-evaluation. . Through the grooves, grit, and lyrical context of It’s a Beautiful Day and in the conversation with Harrington, Johnson is relatable and offers a sense that you’re not the only one in the room that doesn’t feel cool. 

Jillette Johnson’s beautiful album is out now on all streaming platforms and her Surviving the Music Industry episode is out everywhere podcasts can be played.

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