Jimmie Allen Opens Up About Mental Health in New Song—“Every Day is a Constant Battle with Myself”

Country singer Jimmie Allen is opening up about his mental health struggle and putting his feelings into a song. In a black and white video on Instagram, Allen performed the untitled song and shared his message to his fans.

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“‘Untitled Song’ wrote this song about how I feel a lot of the time,” Allen wrote. “Mental illness is something i have struggled with my entire life. Every day is a constant battle with myself. To everyone struggling remember you’re not alone and it’s ok to say you’re not ok.”

I’m never feeling good enough / just good at faking it / will anyone else love me for me /when they hear what I’m saying,’ Allen sings. Yeah, the pain pulls me apart like a ripped out floor / but I keep dancing and singing / that’s what the people came for / so I’ll smile for the cameras / and say that I’m ok / I’m broken in pieces and no one can see / the truth is that I’m always on the edge trying to find a point of living / I’m barely hanging on / no one can see that / I’m constantly fighting with me.

Fans and friends showed their support by sending their love to the “Best Shot” singer in the comments.

“Love you and love this song. Always follow the voice of Light my friend. Beautiful song,” actor Leslie Jordan wrote.

“The world needs more people with large platforms speaking on this. Normalizing the mental health struggle especially amongst folks who the world might think it doesn’t impact. Thank you for sharing, you’re not alone🙏,” shared @taymontanaa.

“Amazing song!!! Thanks for sharing, I felt every word. You are truly truly talented,” wrote @tweety_looney.

Allen recently released his new single “Down Home,” which he performed for the first time on Sunday’s (April 10) episode of American Idol. Co-written with Cameron Bedell, Rian Ball, and Tate Howell, the song is a tribute to Allen’s late father, who passed away in 2019.

“I wrote it about my father – kind of like, hopefully, he’s in heaven and looking down on everything I’m doing and hope he’d be proud of me,” Allen said about the song. “In the midst of missing my father, I think about him seeing everything I’ve got going on and it’s like… even though he’s gone, he’s always with me.”

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