John Lennon’s Son Sean Opens up on Working With Paul McCartney’s Son, Talks Future Beatles Family Music

With parents like Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Sean Ono Lennon seemed destined to follow in his father’s footsteps when it came to performing. Throughout his time in the spotlight, Sean played with bands like The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and Cibo Matto. He also released two solo studio albums. The last, Friendly Fire, hit shelves back in 2006. While making his own path in music, the artist recently discussed what it was like to work with James McCartney on “Primrose Hill.” 

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Already making its way online, “Primrose Hill” gained high praise from fans. Grateful for the response, Sean recently sat down with 6 Music to discuss working with James on the song. He said, “It actually happened quite some time ago, so I wasn’t sure if the song was going to come out or not. He had made another record since we’d worked on that song. And so I was very surprised when he gave me a text and said ‘Hey, can we put Primrose Hill out?’ and I was like ‘Well, it’s about time I was hoping you would put it out!’ So yeah, I was thrilled you know.”

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Sean Ono Lennon Discusses Future Collaboration With Beatles Children

Recalling how the song came about, Sean explained, “I was just at his flat in London and he was telling me about a girl he had a crush on, and he was sort of writing a song about it and he kind of wanted me to help him. And so all I really did was say ‘Well hey, where did you guys go on your first date?’ and he was like ‘Well we went and had a picnic on Primrose Hill and we sat on Primrose Hill’ and I said alright and I just wrote that down ‘we sat on Primrose Hill’, ‘Next what happened next?’ and I just sort of took a dictation really of him telling me the story about his memories and his feelings.”

While enjoying his collaboration with James, the artist was asked if he would ever collaborate with the other kids from the Beatles. Although open to the idea, he noted, “That seems like it would take a lot more planning than we’re probably able to deal with. But we all like each other and we’re all friends and I do support what they do. I mean I love Zac’s new band Mantra of the Cosmos, it’s really cool. It’s really cool, what I’ve heard so far.”

As for what fans had to say about “Primrose Hill”, comments included, “For someone who grew up listening to the Beatles and continues to as she enters into her late 20s.. I can’t thank you boys enough for mustering up the courage to release this beauty!!! Your daddy’s and the whole Beatles band and true fans are SO proud!!!!”

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