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While John Oates, of Hall and Oates fame, is completing production on his second solo album 1000 Miles of Life and trying to establish a more contemporary career, a piece of his ‘80s legacy could be coming to television. During a Hall and Oates concert last year, Primary Wave senior creative director Evan Duby, noting Oates’ 80s pop icon status, proposed the idea of bringing the music of John Oates to a younger generation of fans.

Considering Primary Wave Music Publishing owns a majority share in most of the hits performed by Hall and Oates, it would appear logical that Duby’s idea would hinge on utilizing some of these classic songs from their catalog. Having cleared the licensing hurdle, Wave Music created a cartoon, suitably titled J-Stache portraying Oates in all of his ‘80s finery, complete with his classic mustache.

Having already produced a two-minute trailer, the publishing company is now working to script a 6-10 minute long pilot episode. In the trailer, Oates’ mustache, voiced by comedian Dave Attell, takes on a life of its own. The mustache tries to lure Oates away from Suburbia and back to rock and roll. The current plan for the pilot is to continue with this theme. With additional story characters voiced by fellow mustached celebrities, David Crosby and Tom Selleck, the plan is for Oates to defeat a group of mustache wearers that are killing other mustache wearers. Although Wave Music has yet to secure a network to air the show, they are not discouraged, and point to the web as another possible venue. At this writing, fans of the ‘80s duo Hall and Oates are still waiting for “someone to make their dreams come true.”

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