Jon Batiste Reflects on 5 Grammy Wins with Stephen Colbert: “I’m Still Processing”

Jon Batiste was the shining star of the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. The singer/songwriter and musical Renaissance man took home the most awards with a grand total of five wins, including winning Album of the Year for We Are.

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And when he went back to his world post-Grammys, Batiste found himself the center of a great deal of attention. Post-ceremony, Batiste reflected on his wins and increased renown on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Batiste also serves as the bandleader and musical director for the talk show, which led to an easy-going, jovial conversation between host and musician.

“We were late,” Batiste tells Colbert of the Grammy event. “We were late for the ceremony and the pre-broadcast. My whole family was with me. My grandfather—he’s almost 90, he’s 89 years old. My dad, my mom, my nephews, my sister. My friend Ryan, who executive produced the album with me.” He added, “It was a whole bunch of people in the room all the time.”

After setting the scene, Colbert probed for more reflections from the singer. Colbert specifically asked about how Batiste felt about winning the coveted Album of the Year award, which Lenny Kravitz presented to Batiste.

“Man, it’s so much I’m still processing,” he said. “First, I thought the fact that my family was there with me to witness that is incredible. It’s incredible. Just so much went into that moment: piano lessons, some civil rights marches.”

“It was so loud that I almost didn’t know it was me because they didn’t say my name until after the title,” he continued. “I was like, ‘Maybe that’s somebody else’s album that sounds like We Are.’”

Watch Batiste’s full conversation with Colbert below and check out the Grammy-winning album We Are by Jon Batiste HERE.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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