Legendary Composer-Trumpeter Jon Hassell Is In Need of Help

Friends & colleagues unite to help the 83-year old musician who is ailing and needing assistance, and hope others can help

One of the true giants of modern music, the great trumpeter and composer Jon Hassell has been a true innovator for decades and his influence has been incalculable. 

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Now, at 83, because of long-term health issues, he’s in a dire position and needs financial assistance to ensure a safe and sustainable living situation going forward. 

His music has impacted so many for decades, crossing over genres and generations. In addition to his many albums as an artist and composer, his beautiful, distinctive and often haunting trumpet playing has appeared on a vast range of great albums with many artists. These include Talking Heads’ Remain In Light (that’s his great playing on “Houses In Motion,” aching with intensity, tuneful and percussive throughout and especially on that mysteriously crying solo), produced by his friend Brian Eno, who sent in a message for this which follows.

He’s also lent his distinctive sound to albums by kd lang, Peter Gabriel, Ani DeFranco, and on three albums by the great Ry Cooder. All his credits are below, and they are substantial.

This is a message asking for help on his behalf from his family and friends, reaching out to the music community and beyond. They have sent up a Gofund me page for him, where you can make donations to the fund.

To donate, go here: Help Jon Hassell.

From Brian Eno:
Jon is going through hard times now. I feel that many of us owe him a debt of gratitude, so perhaps making a contribution to this fund is a way we can thank him.
London, April 28, 2020 

Presently, Jon is in the care of his god-daughters Uti Hawkins and Taska Cleveland. They remain in constant contact with him, ensuring he is supported in his daily recovery, and helping coordinate his medical and financial obligations.

All funds raised will be used to support his ongoing medical care and housing needs.

From Jon’s family, friends and collaborators:
As Jon is in the highest risk group for COVID-19, the urgency of his condition has become even more acute in recent weeks.
To address his pressing needs, we — a group of Jon’s family, friends, and collaborators — are reaching out to his audience and fan base around the world to ask for help. If you are a fan of Jon’s music, we would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make at this extremely challenging moment.

Thank you,

De Fracia Evans, Uti Cleveland, Taska Cleveland, Rick Cox, Peter Freeman, Dan Schwartz, Robert Walsh, and Luke Schwartz

Jon is one of the most influential composers of the last 50 years. His invention of 4th World Music opened the way for a fresh look at, and deeper respect for, the music of other cultures around the world.

His recordings have had a profound and timeless impact on other musicians, and, through them, have changed musical tastes dramatically. His unique intellectual contribution is also noteworthy: he’s long been a tireless and articulate theorist as well as a great musician. 

DONATE: https://www.gofundme.com/f/jon-hassell-fund

Jon is in the care of his god-daughters Uti Hawkins and Taska Cleveland. They have spent the last 34 years as his family in Los Angeles. They remain in constant contact with Jon ensuring he is supported in his daily recovery helping coordinate his medical and financial obligations. All funds will be used to support Jons ongoing medical care and housing needs.

To donate, go here: Help Jon Hassell.

Jon Hassell.

Jon Hassell Discography

As leader

Vernal Equinox (1977)
Earthquake Island (1978)
Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics (1980) (with Brian Eno)
Dream Theory in Malaya: Fourth World Volume Two (1981)
Aka/Darbari/Java: Magic Realism (1983)
Power Spot (1986)
The Surgeon of the Nightsky Restores Dead Things by the Power of Sound (1987)
Flash of the Spirit (1988) (with Farafina)
City: Works of Fiction (1990)
Dressing for Pleasure (1994) (with Bluescreen)
Sulla Strada (1995) (with I Magazzini)
The Vertical Collection (1997) (with Peter Freeman, as Bluescreen Project)
Fascinoma (1999)
Hollow Bamboo (2000) (with Ry Cooder and Ronu Majumdar)
Magic Realism, Vol. 2: Maarifa Street (2005)
Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street (2009)
Listening to Pictures (2018)

As Sideman

Terry Riley – In C (1968)
La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela – Dream House 78′ 17″ (1974)
Talking Heads – Remain in Light (1980)
Brian Eno – Ambient 4: On Land (1982)
David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees (1984)
Peter Gabriel – Birdy (1985)
David Sylvian – Alchemy: An Index of Possibilities (1985)
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – Mainstream (1987)
Alice – Il sole nella pioggia (1989)
Peter Gabriel – Passion (1989)
Tears for Fears – The Seeds of Love (1989)
Stina Nordenstam – And She Closed Her Eyes (1994)
Techno Animal – Re-Entry (1995)
k.d. lang – Drag (1997)
Holly Cole – Dark Dear Heart (1997)
Mandalay – Empathy (1998)
Ani DiFranco – Little Plastic Castle (1998)
k.d. lang – Invincible Summer (2000)
Mandalay – Instinct (2000)
Ani DiFranco – Revelling/Reckoning (2001)
Frou Frou – Details (2002)
Ry Cooder – Chávez Ravine (2005)
Ry Cooder – My Name Is Buddy (2007)
Ani DiFranco – Red Letter Year (2008)
k.d. lang – Watershed (2008)
Ry Cooder – I, Flathead (2008)
Jon Balke – Siwan (2009)

To donate to the Jon Hassell Fund, please go here: Help Jon Hassell.

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