Jonny Corndawg To Drop Down On The Bikini Line This Summer

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The corndawg’s in the fryer, ya’ll. On August 30, country singer and leather-worker Jonny Corndawg will give the world the much-anticipated Down On The Bikini Line via Nasty Memories Records.

The Virginia-native, former Nashvillian and current New Yorker is known for taking a unique approach to songcraft.

“Most of my songs come to me when I’m running – I’m really into running – or on the motorcycle,” Corndawg told American Songwriter earlier this spring. “Places where I just don’t have a pen and my mind is opened up and relaxed. When I’m not really thinking about anything, then it seems to really flow out. Then I can only hang on to or remember part of the thing, and I have to finish it another time.”

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Here’s the track listing for the album:

Track Listing:
1 – Shaved Like A Razor
2 – Chevy Beretta
3 – Dog On A Chain
4 – Fools and Sages
5 – Life of A Bear
6 – Night Rider
7 – When A Ford Man Turns To Chevy
8 – Red On The Head
9 – Undercover Dad
10 – Silver Panty Liners
11 – Shaved Like A Razor (reprise)
BONUS TRACK (vinyl only) – Love Is A Neverending War


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