Lady Gaga’s Biggest Fan is… Tom Cruise

It’s hard, nay, near impossible to ignore Lady Gaga’s talent. And among the many fans of the pop singer is Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise.

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Cruise isn’t just a Gaga fan, however. The two most recently bumped elbows when Gaga came in to help with the soundtrack for Crusie’s latest film, Top Gun: Maverick, which debuts on May 27. Crusie talked about Gaga’s contribution most recently on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

One of Gaga’s musical contributions was writing the theme song for the movie, titled “Hold My Hand.”

“There was just a sound and something we were looking for, it just wasn’t right,” Crusie said. “She [Lady Gaga] presented her song to us and it just opened up the whole movie. She’s amazing.

“It just opened those doors to the emotional core of the film that we had,” he continued. “Things just came together in such a beautiful way. Her song that she’d written just fell right in and became really the underlying score and the heartbeat of our film.”

In addition to “Hold My Hand,” Gaga actually had a hand in other songs for the film. “She’s not just on the soundtrack, she actually helped to compose the score,” Cruise said.

And while Cruise and crew await the movie’s debut, the actor has been supporting Gaga in her own element. Cruise attended one of the singer’s Las Vegas shows and had nothing but good reviews to report.

“It was incredible,” Cruise said of Gaga’s show. “Last time I saw a live concert, it was Lady Gaga two years ago. I went to go thank her when we were starting to work on the final pieces of Top Gun. She’s extraordinary. She’s an actress, a jazz singer, pop singer—her talent is just boundless.”

Watch the full interview with Tom Cruise below.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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