Lana Del Rey Producer Baby FuzZ Delivers Environmentalist Anthem, “Welcome To The Future”

Brandon Lowry is one of the more colorful and accomplished producers of our time. Under the name Sterling Fox, he rose to prominence producing a series of hits for a variety of artists, including Adam Levine, Avicii, Britney Spears, Elle King and Lana Del Rey (he’s the brain behind her breakout hit, “Video Games”). After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Lowry left the United States for Canada, where he stayed out of the spotlight and retired the name “Sterling Fox.” In 2018, he returned to music, emerging with a new stage name, Baby FuzZ, and a new devotion to his craft. On December 4, he put out a new single with this project, a cheeky, environmental anthem entitled “Welcome To The Future.”

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Combining his pop pedigree with elements of glam rock, pop-punk and hyperpop a la 100 gecs, Lowry communicates a dual sense of irony and dread… a combination that seems to be growing in popularity in the United States. For his part, Lowry explained that he wanted the song to be fun and impactful at the same time.

“I wrote ‘Welcome To The Future’ as an environmentalist call to action,” he told American Songwriter. “I wanted to point out that the future is not guaranteed and a lot of what we do now determines what that world looks like down the road. I wanted to be comical about it — so as not to be didactic — but also critical. song. I wanted to write some lyrics from the point of view of an animal, mainly as a challenge for myself to see if I could pull it off. Ultimately it comes off as pretty cheeky yet effective I think. I like trying to think outside the box in terms of narrative viewpoint in songwriting, and in this case, was able to inhabit a whale. I think it also is an interesting exercise in animal empathy.”

The single comes ahead of Lowry’s forthcoming sophomore LP as Baby FuzZ, which is also titled Welcome To The Future (due in early 2021). A concept album speaking to the fate of America, the record sees Lowry use a mixture of lyrical imagery and sonic soundscaping to paint a portrait of a dystopian future. 

“I want people to just wake up and take some responsibility for their actions,” Lowry said. “We can’t just blame other people for destroying the earth, we have to all take some ownership and do our parts individually. We each have control and can help make a difference. It sounds corny, but we really can make a difference if everyone helps.”

Listen to “Welcome To The Future” by Baby FuzZ below:

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