Liam Gallagher is Open to an Oasis Reunion: “We Should Never Have Split Up”

Liam Gallagher would like to get Oasis back together and said the band “should never have split up” in a recent UK interview. “If it happens, it happens,” said Liam of an Oasis reunion, “But I’m quite happy doing [my solo career].”

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Oasis broke up in 2009, and rumors have often circled about a reunion despite Liam and brother and bandmate Noel Gallagher having been on very little speaking terms. 

Liam added that his brother seems like a different person since they last spoke as if he’s “been abducted,” but that he still loves him. 

In May of 2021, Noel Gallagher said he would get back with the band, if the price were right, specifically $135 million, and that the band would never reunite because the legacy of Oasis was “set in stone.”

“People ask me that question on a daily basis and I can only say to you that, I just don’t feel like it,” said Noel. ”When you’re in a band, it’s an absolute compromise so no I don’t think I could come up with an idea and then run it by four people, and then six weeks later, somebody knocks it back because their cat’s got a cough so I like to march to the beat of my own drum. Oasis is done I’m afraid.”

Liam said they can go back and forth about whose fault the band’s breakup was, which is “ridiculous” after 13 years. “If he really wanted to get in contact, for my mum’s sake, he could do it, but he obviously doesn’t want to,” he says. “There are only so many olive branches you can offer.”

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