Lil Wayne Connects with NLE Choppa for “Ain’t Gonna Answer”

Lil Wayne is back again, this time alongside NLE Choppa.

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On Friday (March 24), the young Memphis rapper released his new single “Ain’t Gonna Answer” featuring Lil Wayne. Announced last month, the song was initially meant to release on February 24, but experienced a delay and was replaced with the single “Mo Up Front.” At long last, though, “Ain’t Gonna Answer” is finally here.

At the time the song was confirmed, NLE Choppa made a heartfelt display toward Lil Wayne, a rapper he grew up idolizing. Handing him a bouquet of roses, Choppa explained why he felt he needed to literally give Wayne his flowers, considering most people don’t do that for musicians while they’re still alive.

“I simply wanted to physically gift you these flowers to symbolize my appreciation for you as an artist, an icon, and more importantly, an inspiration,” he said. “I pray this is the beginning of a big brother and little brother relationship.” Check out the clip in slide nine of the post below.

A month later, it appears Choppa’s wish became true. “Ain’t Gonna Answer” sees the duo interpolate “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” the 2006 single from Lil Wayne and his own mentor Birdman. Rapping the same hook as the original song, it’s clear to see how much Choppa appreciates Wayne’s artistry.

Don’t be worried ’bout what we be doing
What we doing? Makin’ money
What they doing? Hatin’ on us
If they want it, take it from me

Throughout the rest of the song, the tandem detail their sexual conquests and jealousy of their adversaries. While announcing the song’s release, Choppa confirmed that it is a promotional single for his upcoming tape Cottonwood 2, a sequel to his debut project from 2019.

From the city of Memphis, we known for mackin’ and pimpin’
But I’m hot boy, I can’t lie, I got some Weezy up in me
You know that shit it’ll get greasy, I’m in the streets like a meter
She tellin’ me that she need me, but Lord know she a eater

Along with “Ain’t Gonna Answer,” singles like the aforementioned “Mo Up Front” and 2022 tracks “In the UK,” “Slut Me Out,” and “Do It Again” will all land on the Cottonwood 2 track list. Slated to release on April 14, the LP will be his first full-length release since his January 2022 album Me vs. Me. In the meantime, check out “Ain’t Gonna Answer” below.

(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

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