Lil Yachty Voices Desire to Make an Album with Tyler, The Creator

Lil Yachty continues to turn heads in his new chapter.

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On Wednesday (March 8), Billboard released its latest cover story featuring the 25-year-old Georgian rapper. However, revolving around his January psychedelic rock album, Let’s Start Here, the interview sees him continue to attempt to stand out as more than a rapper. With that in mind, he lists names of musicians he would like to work with to expand his catalog, with the most passionate answer being his rap peer Tyler, The Creator.

“I would love to make a whole album with Tyler (The Creator), that’d be tight,” he said. “I just think we could make something really special. He’s kind of the reason I made this album too. You know, he’s the one that told me, ‘Just do it,’ and I have so much respect for him because he takes me serious. And he always has.”

Check out the clip of the interview below.

Yachty had never made a collaborative album with anyone. But, Let’s Start Here, his fifth official studio album, saw him work with intriguing names in both the hip-hop and rock spheres. Production and writing credits such as Mac Demarco, Alex G, and Steve Lacy all bolstered the album’s daring sound that deviated so much from Yachty’s trap music beginnings.

A pivot such as this made many fans remember a similar move from Tyler, The Creator. In 2019, his electronic-R&B-neo-soul album, Igor, saw a broad jump in artistry from all of his previous LPs. Beloved by the entire music industry, Igor surely inspired many of Tyler’s peers, evident in Yachty’s admiration of him. Now, nearly four years later, the spotlight finds Lil Yachty in a circumstance that mirrors the success of Tyler’s Igor era.

Yachty and Tyler have only collaborated once before on the song “T.D” from Yacthy’s 2020 album, Lil Boat 3. While “T.D” and practically the entire album it landed on were solely hip-hop songs, a joint record from the two aforementioned stars would likely yield different results. Both having conquered genres that were once exotic to them, a world of possibilities would be in front of the two if they were to attempt a collaboration.

Neither Yachty nor Tyler, though, have confirmed that they would make a project together. Solely a dream for Yachty, he mentioned a few more artists he’d like to make music with. Those artists included Chris Martin of Coldplay, Solange, Frank Ocean, Andre 3000 of Outkast, and Kendrick Lamar. Lil Yachty clearly feels like he could access any of his favorite musicians, and daringly has his sights set on a full-length collaboration with Tyler, The Creator.

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