Lost Dog Street Band Showcases Their Reinvigorated Sound During an Unforgettable Grand Ole Opry Debut

Lost Dog Street Band released their debut album Sick Pup in 2011. Since then, the band has been building a passionate fanbase. With each album, it seems that they draw more listeners into the fold. Recently, they released their eighth album, Survived. Last night (May 14), they introduced their signature sound to a new audience when they made their Grand Ole Opry Debut.

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It was a stormy Tuesday night, but the Opry House was packed. More than a few were there specifically for Lost Dog Street Band’s debut. This became clear when the crowd erupted in cheers and applause at the mention of the band early in the night. The applause was much louder and more widespread after they finished their three-song set.

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Lost Dog Street Band Brings Tracks from Survived to Their Opry Debut

Longtime fans in the audience were doubtlessly hoping to hear Lost Dog Street Band perform classics like “September Doves” or “Terrible and True” during their Grand Ole Opry debut. That didn’t happen, though. Instead, the band worked through three standout tracks from their recently released album Survived.

Before releasing Survived, Lost Dog Street Band nearly parted ways. Fortunately, creating the album reinvigorated the band. Last night’s performance showed that “reinvigorated” is an understatement. Those at the Opry House and fans listening to the broadcast witnessed a band on fire.

They kicked things off with “Brighter Shade,” the album opener and lead single from Survived. As a result, the members of the Opry crowd who had never heard the band before received the same introduction to the reborn collective as their longtime fans.

Then, they moved into “If You Leave Me Now,” another standout track from Survived.

The set’s high point, though, came between this song and the album’s title track when Benjamin Tod introduced himself to the crowd.

Benjamin Tod Makes His Presence and Past Known

“Well folks, my name is Benjamin Tod,” he began. “I was born and raised right down the road from here in Sumner County, Tennessee in the shadow of this great history that we have. At the age of 13, I started busking on Lower Broadway, making money on the streets, playing tunes. At 17 Ashley and I hopped a train out of the Kayne Avenue Yard in Downtown Nashville. By the age of 21, I had more warrants in more states than most people have been to,” he explained.

“After the anguish of his soul, he saw the light and was satisfied. Isiah 53:11,” he concluded before the band launched into “Survived” to close the show.

Several segments of the crowd cheered and clapped when Lost Dog Street Band’s Opry debut was announced early in the evening. When their set ended, the cheers and applause became a standing ovation as an estimated half of those in attendance took to their feet to applaud as the band exited the stage.

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