The Ghost of Paul Revere Releases New Single and Video, “Love At Your Convenience”

Sometimes inspiration comes to us when we least expect it. For Griffin Sherry, singer and guitarist of The Ghost of Paul Revere, all it took was a drive and a view to become inspired with the words of “Love At Your Convenience.”

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“I took a late-night drive, found myself at the part of the road that overlooks the sea, yelled into the emptiness, and started writing down the words to this song. ‘Love At Your Convenience’ is about reckoning with the emotions of walking away from someone you love. We came to really embrace the idea of writing in service of each song on this new record, and ‘Love’ was no exception. I knew I wanted it to swing for the fences. Drawing inspiration from Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, and The Pixies, the arrangement echoes the lyrics as it thunders from verse to verse like a bull in a china shop,” says Griffin.

“Of all the songs on the new record, this was the first to be fully formed and the first of our new songs to be played at our shows. Now, it is one of our most requested, and it hasn’t even been released yet. I think it’s the raw emotion of it, the universal understanding of heartbreak, that resonates with people when they hear it. Ultimately, it is a song about how quickly anger makes us forget love, coming to terms with hard decisions, and the peace that can be found at the end of things.”

The Ghost of Paul Revere was formed in 2011. They create a dynamic sound consisting of folk, bluegrass, rock and alternative. This summer they wanted to continue to perform and connect with their listeners in a safe way. In order to do this, they held several concerts at drive-in movie theaters in June and recently announced three more concerts that will be held this month.

If you attend one of these performances, you will most likely be able to hear the band play “Love At Your Convenience.” Hearing a newly released song live is a luxury during this time considering not many bands are able to perform in front of an audience right now.

What’s better than the release of a new song? The release of a new song and a music video to go along with it.  In addition to being able to listen to this new song, you can watch a video too. This will allow you to dive into the lyrics in a whole new way. The band gave a short preview of the new video on their Instagram which revealed the setting to be an empty warehouse.

“Love At Your Convenience” will be the lead single on the band’s upcoming album. Listen and watch down below, or follow the smart link to your favorite player:

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