Hope Tala’s New Single “Mad” Perfectly Captures Heartbreak Induced Insanity

Hope Tala, a rising star in the R&B world, released her new single “Mad” on June 16. The British singer/songwriter and musician gained a lot of traction with her previous EP Sensitive Soul, and is only just getting started.

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Tala’s new single, “Mad” is about a rough breakup that leaves one party with their heart crushed, and the other basically unscathed. In the song, Tala writes vulnerable lyrics about how a breakup can not only make someone feel angry, but “mad” in a way that feels as though you are spiraling into insanity.

Tala sings, It’s not right, that you’re okay/ And all your feelings dissipate/ While I scream, and punch the walls/ And you’re not picking up my calls/ Is it too much to ask not to be left in the dark?

The juxtaposition of Tala’s silky voice against the gruff lyrics is one that any listener can appreciate. Not only does Tala impress with her vocals, but she also sends a message to her listeners that she has been where so many of them have too— angry at someone who has taken her love for granted.

Photo courtesy of Tala’s Instagram

Alongside the single, Tala released a music video that features Wes Anderson-esque vignettes and close-ups, where Tala sings directly into the camera. Her crazed looks into the camera capture the exact sentiment of “Mad,” where viewers are taken through a journey of Tala’s emotions and anger. Additionally, flowing dance sequences with Tala and company are bewitching in a way that almost haunts the viewer.

Watch Hope Tala’s video for “Mad” below.

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