merci, mercy Is Gonna Hurt You


You read that right: merci, mercy is going to hurt you. 

Err… she’ll hurt you if you end up getting involved with her — at least that’s the message of her new single “Fall Apart,” which dropped on July 22 via Liberation Records. See, merci, mercy — whose real name is Mercedes Thorne — is an up-and-coming, 19-year-old artist based out of Australia, and being stark about her circumstance is her forte. 

“I wanted a song that could explain to the people I get involved with why I am like this without actually having to say it out loud to them,” Thorne told American Songwriter. “I wrote ‘Fall Apart’ because I was listening to a lot of lovey-dovey songs, just wondering what it would be like not to self-sabotage my love life. I let a lot of relationships not move forward because I would let my cynical mind take over. Why start something when you know it will end, why put yourself through that pain and suffering?”

Musically, “Fall Apart” is a fine demonstration of the modern indie-pop sound. With poppy production, indie soundscapes and a cutesy melody, the song is a breezy summer bop with a kick. At first, you’d think that Thorne’s honest lyricism would be in juxtaposition with the song’s feel-good vibe, but the two moods actually go together quite well. Perhaps it is a sign of the changing culture, at least in the United States — there’s finally a cultural space in which talking about mental health doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘heavy’ thing. 

“I want to create a safe space where people are not afraid of being judged just for the way they are feeling,” Thorne said. “I want to be as honest as possible through my music. I want people to know they can be scared and vulnerable and it’s ok to receive or allow help.”

Listen to “Fall Apart” by merci, mercy below:

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