MGK Responds to TikTok User Who Accused Him of Not Playing Guitar Live

Pop-punk artist Machine Gun Kelly fired back at a TikTok user who claimed he didn’t play his guitar live on stage.

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In a post on social media, Guitar Center employee Gunnar DüGrey claimed that MGK’s new signature pink guitar has a “kill switch” on it which in effect shuts off the volume with… well, the flick of a switch.

DüGrey then went on to show that MGK, while playing live, looked to have thrown the “kill switch,” meaning that the “Blonde Don” doesn’t actually play his Schecter PT signature six-string live, according to DüGrey.

DüGrey’s post, which was captioned “Machine Gun Kelly EXPOSED” and has since racked up millions of views, was followed up with an apology after MGK called out DüGrey for his wrong assumptions.

In the original post, DüGrey said: “Flip this in the down position and it cuts off all the volume, making it completely silent.” Then DüGrey went through a number of images with MGK flipping the “kill switch”

MGK fired back on the social media platform, however, saying: “Hold on one second. You reverse engineered it to go down…”

Kelly then demonstrated that players of his signature ax can spin the toggle switch around, reversing the appearance of the position. He said, “When you go down, it’s on… I only play my guitar live.”

DüGrey has since posted an apology, adding, “I was wrong and I’m happy to admit that. This was the first guitar that I had seen with a kill switch like this and it was, in fact, off in the down position and on in the up position when it came out of the box. I didn’t realize you could just spin the thing around… I just didn’t consider that. And that’s on me.”

He added the hashtag #GuitarDrama.

In other MGK news, the singer has been releasing new music in anticipation of his next LP, all of which you can check out HERE.

Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Interscope Records

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