Mic Shootout Contest

The Mic Shootout Contest.

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The Mic Shootout contest to win a Rode M2, Rode M3 and an Audix VX-5 has come to finish. Check out one of our winners below and click through to hear his music on AmericanSongspace.com.

Francesco Bonifazi won the Rode M3. Visit Francesco and hear his whistling chops on AmericanSongspace.com.


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  1. What would I do with a mic as great as this?? I am disabled, but not dead yet! I would use this mic to produce some really great songs – even though I am just a lyricist, I have put melodies to most of my songs! With this killer mic, I could really sing a lot better – well, it would sure sound better than the 20 yr old Radio Shack mic I use now!!

  2. I would like to use the recording mic in my up and coming music career. I am a singer/songwriter and it is good to have a vast array of mics in my arsenal to add to the dynamics of my inspirational acoustic songs. It is good to have talent, but it is also good to have the right equipment as well. I only have one studio projects condenser mic and could use a mic for live performances!

  3. I have this goofy voice that has what I call a “gummy” frequency range—sounds like shi……uh, crap. My old Shure 545 omni mic just won’t cure it—and EQ makes everything too thin. I think a decent condenser like the Rode would do wonders for my songwriting demos. I would also use it to record some presentations that my local astronomy club puts together for school groups.

  4. I would give the mic to my sister for her to use in her rock worship band. They have written several of their own songs and have been playing for a while, though they struggle with poor secondhand equipment. She’s been using an old trusty Shure SM-58. It’s a pretty good mic, but it is old, it doesn’t quite fit her voice, and there isn’t much of a backup mic. Rode makes a good mic and though I don’t have much experience with Audix, I like what I’ve heard. The band’s been collecting better sound equipment as they go and a new mic would really help as they have lately been blessed with opportunities to play around the state for larger audiences.

  5. I would use the mic to record many solo and band acts that only want to have their music recorded for puropses other than making millions of dollars. More for an appreciation of putting it on in their home or car stereo. Have I mentioned this is something I encounter on a weekly basis. It would come in very handy in helping others acheive their musical goals in life.

  6. First I’d give a shout out to Rode and Audix for being so generous with their gear, then I’d take that mic into the studio and let it coax an amazing vocal performance out of me for my new CD “She Goes Down Smooth“. My studio guy would complain that I’m not using his fancy Senheiser…Schlitzer…Budweiser, whatever microphone, but if you’re going to bestow a mic on me, I’m going to embrace it!

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